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Citalopram Citalopram, (R,S)-1-[3-(Dimethylamino)propyl]-1-(4-fluorphenyl)-1,3-dihydroisobenzofuran-5-carbonitrile, C20H21FN2O, M = 324,40 g/mol
Escitalopram, (S)-1-[3-(Dimethylamino)propyl]-1-(4-fluorphenyl)-1,3-dihydroisobenzofuran-5-carbonitrile

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI)

Trade Mark Citalopram: Cipramil®, Celexa®, Sepram®
Trade Mark Escitalopram: lexapro®, Cipralex®


Treatment of depressions and panic attacks (tendency-lightening effect, which begins only after treatment of several days). Since the S-isomer is the only biologically effective one, it is produced under the name Escitalopram. The high price of Escitalopram opposes the half so high active substance concentration needed with according reduced Adverse Effects.


Patients with epilepsies, patients under 18 years as well as pregnant woman should not be treated with Citalopram/Escitalopram.


Do not use together with MAO inhibitors, because danger of a Serotonin syndrome. After the last uptake of MAO inhibitors a period of 14 days should be wait before the usage of Citalopram.

Adverse Effects

Frequently , especially at the beginning, nausea and increased sweating can occur.


The determination of Citalopram can take place after extraction by means of HPLC/DAD. Therapeutic levels: 0.01-0.2 µg/ml.

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