Natural Drugs
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As natural drugs all kinds of drugs with predominantly hallucinogenic effect are referred to, most of them generally occuring in plants. (Strictly, also the "hard" drugs cocaine and morphine are nature drugs by this definition).

  • Nightshade drugs with the active substances Atropine rsp. (R,S)-Hyoscyamin, Scopolamine and (S)-Hyoscyamine, likewise the tobacco, a night shade plant from the kind nicotinea with the active substance Nicotine
  • spice plants such as nutmeg or kinds of Salvia in high doses
  • hemp plants such as Cannabis with the active substance THC
  • South American kinds of mushrooms of the kind Psilocybe with the active substance Psilocybin
  • Amanita muscaria with the active substance muscarine
  • Ololiuqui with the active substance d-Lysergic Acid Amide
  • Mexican plants such as the peyote cactus with the active substance mescaline

According the WHO definition, hallucinogenic plants cover a broad variety of plant materials, containing hallucinogens, which are used traditionally by indigenous peoples for a variety of purposes: euphoria, sociability, relief of distress, as a medicine or to induce visions, for example peyote, Lophophora williamsii, banisferiosis caapi and others.

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