Pupils Changement
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A consumption of illegal drugs can be recognized among other things by a change of the pupils.

Hallucinogen drugs such as Cannabis, LSD and also atropine lead to a pupil dilation (mydriasis) as reference to a sympathetic nervous stimulation. At the same time Cannabis consumption can lead to a turning red of the binding skins, as well as with chronic consumption to a conjunctivitis (binding skin inflammation).

On the other hand the consumption of opiates (heroin, morphine) or nicotine leads to a pupil contraction (meiosis) by outweighing the vagotonus.

A simple noticing rule for the direction of the pupil change comes from O. PROKOP: Substances with the alphabetical initial letters A, B, C extend the pupil; substances with M, N, O, P as initial letters narrow the pupils.

As a general indication of intoxication light rigid pupils can be observed.

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