Recognition Characteristics
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The early recognition of a drug consumption is of imnportance for drug prevention. Physical or physiological characteristics can be determined with drug consumers. However, these characteristics are nonspecific.

Pupil changes

  • Pupil dilation with cannabis or LSD consumption,
  • pupil contraction with opiate consumption (more),

Physical purge

  • Decrease in weight with opiate or cocaine consumption, as well as with a HIV infection caused by "needle sharing",
  • Bad tooth status due to hygiene lacking,

Drug-specific tattoos

Parting places or scar courses

  • relatively safe distinguishing feature for intravenous opiate consumption-and/or heroin consumption, preferentially in the elbows and at the lower arms of intravenous opiate- addicted.

Drug utilities

Certain utilities can be an indication for drug consumption, e.g.:

  • Chillum (ceramic whistle), water whistle or Bong for smoking hashish
  • tobacco-similar, frequently still green parts of leaves (marijuana) or sweet smelling pieces of resin (hashish),
  • acetic acid and scooted spoon,
  • Cellophane or stannous-coverings with white or brown adhering (heroin), folded for boiling up morphine,
  • Injection syringes and rubber hose for tying the arm with opiate consumption.
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