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Tilidine C17H23NO2, M=273,38 g/mol

Internationel free name for the very strong opioide analgesic Ethyl-t-dimethylamino-1-phenyl-3-cyclohexen-r-carboxylate. The pure substance is a controled drug and should only used together with Naloxone as an Opioid antagonist as pain killer (Valorone).

By oral admission, the Tilidin is diminished in the liver to the actual pharmacological effective opioide Nortilidine, while the Naloxone is deactivated at the same time. In opposite, by intravenous injection blocked against it the Naloxon the Opiat receptors and waives thereby the Tilidin effect.

Tilidin lowers pain sensitivity and increases those ready for violence shank. It is abused increasingly by young people (oral admission of Tilidin), whereby a craze potential develops, which makes a ever higher dosage necessary. In the case of overdosing - in particular in combination with alcohol - the danger of a breath paralysis leading to death exists.

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