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Yaba, in Britain also known as "crazy medicine" or "Hitler's drug", is a "new" designer drug coming from the Far East, especially Thailand. The drug was originally created by German chemists in World War II in order to help soldiers to fight around the clock, known under the name Pervitin. Yaba seemed to be mostly methamphetamine, running 80% pure, with the castoff from heroin production. It comes in form of red/orange pills, sometimes also green.

Physiological effects

Likewise to methamphetamine, yaba works stimutaling on the central nervous system and invreases the efficiency, thus reducing tiredness. For this reason it is used in sports as a doping agent. It suggest the cycle and accelerate the pulse.

Psychological effects

The craze potential is very large, apart from fast physical and psychological dependence it comes to abnormen psychological reactions, illusion conceptions and sudden incalculable violence shank. The abuse can lead to irreparable organic (lung, kidney) and psychological damage. For this reason Pervitin was not longer useed as therapeutic agent.


Until 1970, yaba was sold legal, afterwards it was crimalised. In the mid-Nineties the production of yaba overtook those of heroin. Around five times more yaba than heroin is produced in the Golden Triagle, mainly in Burma.

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