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Hashish-plates (©: customs authorities Berlin) Scene designation: Dope. The substantially stronger unchanged and pure resin out of the flowering heads of cannabis, which is won particularly by pressing out and cooking.

Large differences in the THC content are here depending upon the origin region. Thus the Indian hemp (botanic name: Cannabis sativa var. indica) contains high THC concentrations.

Processing forms of Indian hemp are:

  • Bhang, a beverage from a mixture from blade tips of the female hemp, spices and fruit excerpts. This mixture can be also smoked.
  • Charas, the pure resin from the female hemp blooms, which is won by pressing out and cooking.
  • Ganja, which is won from particularly bred hemp plants and works three times more strongly than Bhang.

Hashish sorts (scene designations) from different regions and with different THC contents are:

  • Brown Pakistani, hashish from Pakistan with middle THC content
  • Green Turk or Moroccan, hashish from Turkey or Morocco
  • Nepalese, hashish from Nepal, usually with origin stamp
  • Red Lebanese, hashish from Lebanon
  • Afghan, particularly strong hashish with mould-similar coat from Afghanistan.
  • Hashish oil, a highly concentrated hashish solution, which contains ten times more THC than hashish in slab mould, as well as a hundred times more THC than marijuana.
  • Sinsemilla hashish, particularly highly concentrated hashish with two to three-way increased THC content, it is won by a new cultivation method, by the so-called "Sinsemilla technology" (without seeds). The male plants are promptly removed and only female plants are harvested.

A further consumer possibility exists in the oral consumption of hashish, e.g. from hashish cookies. Here the effect is less controllable, since it suddenly begins after the ingestion and cannot be proportioned as when smoking. The addiction potential of hashish is relatively small, setting off leads not to physical withdrawal symptoms. Regular use leads to rising blood pressure and removing concentration ability. The ability of driving a car can be impaired.

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