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Preparations of Drugs

Amphetamines PMA, MDA, DOM Speed, Black Beauty, Ice, Pep
Amyl nitrite   Poppers, Explosive
Cocaine Crack, Freebase Snow, Line, Coke, Rocks, Roxane
Mixture of Heroin und Cocaine simultaneous injection Speedballs
GHB Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid Liquid Ecstasy
LSD d-Lysergic acid diethylamide Acid, Trip, Papers, Deep Purple, Yellow Sunshine
Mescaline Peyote cactus cactus, cacti
Methamphetamine MDMA Ecstasy, XTC, Adam, Eve
Crystal Crystal Speed, Yaba, Thai-Pills
Ololiuqui Seeds of Mexican Morning Glories Morning Glory
Opiates Opium Poppy
boiled with acetic acid  
Morphine Morphium, Sister Morphine
Heroin Dope, Shore, H ("Aitsch"), Brown Sugar
PCP,Phencyclidine i.v. anaestetic Angel Dust, Peace Pill, Peace Powder, Monkey
Psilocybin mexican mushroom "Psilocybe" "Theo-Nacatl" (mexican), Magic Mushrooms, Buttons
Salvia divinorum mexican Salvia variation Magic Mint
STP Mixture of amphetamines and mescaline Speed, DOM
THC Cannabis Shit, Schore
Haschisch (resin of the pressed female blooms of the cannabis plant) Hasch, Bhang, Charas, Ganja
(dried blooms and leaves) Marijuana, Mary Jane, grass, pot, kif, Acapulco Gold, Kenia- / Kongo-Gras
Thujone, Absinthe active ingredient of wormwood  

Use of Drugs / Drugs Utilities

Drug Use, Utilities Scene-Names
THC Hashish-smoking Chillum, Bong, Waterpipe
Hashish/Marijuana-Cigarettes smoking, inhalating Joint
Hashish cokies oral consumed Space cookies
Cocain inhalated, sniefed, take a line
by injection Junky
smoking Freebase Free Base, Speed
smoking or injecting crack Crack-Junky
Opiates Opium eating or smoked Opium eater
Heroine injected H ("Aitsch")-Junky
LSD oral apllied Trip, Acid Head

General Topics

Scene-Name drug spezific term
acid head LSD-Consumer
Bad Trip LSD-Complication
Body-Packs smuggling drugs in- or outside the body
Bong pipe for smoking hashish
Brown Sugar Heroine
Chillum pipe for smoking hashish
clean testing free of drugs
Coffee-Shop legal drug selling shop in the Netherlands
cold turkey withdrowl without medical aid
Dealer person, distributing drugs
dope Heroine
Drop-Out disrupting school- or profession- education
Fixer intravenous drug user (IDU)
Injection area room for drug consumption with sterile injection syringes
Flashback post-hallucinogenic perception disorder after LSD consumption
Horror-Trip negative LSD experience
Junky iv drug dependent
Line Substance preparation for inhalating Cocaine
magic mushrooms hallucinogic mushrooms
papers LSD preparation on paper
peace PCP, phencyclidine
Piece Hashish preparation
snow Cocaine
shit Hashish
Speed Amphetamines
Trip LSD
Turkey withdrawal symptoms
User Drug Consumer


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