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Preventive measures to avoid the development of drug dependence. It has to be differentiate between general and special prevention. Thus most effective general prevention exists in sufficient and satisfying life and development possibilities of young humans, both in the family, and in the school or the skill training.

As special preventive measures health clearing-up measures in the school or youth work, in addition, in the press and the media are mentioned.

Likewise, depending upon induction period area, different kinds of dependence prevention can be differentiated:

Designation: Induction period area: Measures:
Primary prevention before beginning of the abuse education, promotion and social ripe
Secondary prevention early stage of the drug abuse early diagnostics crisis intervention, seeking out of risk indicators
Tertiary prevention later stages of drug dependence decontamination, treatment, accommodation

According: Swisher, J.D.: Prevention Issues. In: Dupont, R.L., Goldstein, A., O'Donnel, J. (OD.) Handbook on Drug Abuse, Washington, 1979.

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