Young People & Drugs
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During the 30's predominantly adult persons consumed illegal drugs, e.g. persons in medicine professions ("classical morphine addicts") consumed opiates, in bohemia -and artist circles cocaine was the preferred illicit drug.

Since the beginning of the 60's the drug consumption spread first within the black ghettos in the USA. From there it spread on college students, pupils and young people of the working class, whereby the entrance age became ever lower. Later the so-called "Drug wave" spread from the USA on Europe, Scandinavia and Germany, and a similar tendency appeared in these countries. At first above all students and pupils of the upper class at the age of 15 to 16 years began with the consumption of hashish or marijuana. In the course of a further "drug career" for instance one third of them changed to the consumption of so-called "hard drugs", e.g. opiates, above all heroin.

Since the center of the 70's the entrance age for the consumption of opiates sank up to 14/15 years, whereby young people with bad education were concerned of it particularly. At the end of the 90's only older long-term opiate addicts consume "hard" drugs, while young persons are better informed about the deadly risks of the opiate use. They switched over to the consumption of so-called "Party drugs" or designer drugs such as ecstasy, which are consumed particularly as "soft drugs". However, the dangers of these drugs, usually synthetically manufactured amphetamines are frequently underestimated, because also with the consumption of these drugs cases of deaths or long-term damage happened, see ecstasy.

Recent trend is the consumption of Crystal (Methamphetamin) by young people.

Reasons why young people use drugs

First of all, they are curious about the effects. Another reason is the group effect because all their friends use drugs. Especially "dance drugs" seem to be a part of their music scene.

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