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Abusive use of medicines in order to increase the efficiency, which are intended for the treatment of sleep disturbances, of the hyperactivity, as well as the Alzheimer illness. Medicines for traetment of erectile dysfunction (PDE-5-Inhibitors, p.e. Viagra), were also abused for increasement of potency.

The use of Ritalin, which is used for the treatment of hyperactive children, increased in particular in the USA in student circles for the achievement and increase of creativity.

Modafinil, in the USA used as medicine for the treatment of sleep attacks by narcolepsy (Provigil®), is used abusively for the suppression of the sleep need in the party scene as well as means against "jet-lay". Sleep medical professions are meanwhile warning of the consequences of a long-term sleep withdrawal. In Germany Modafinil is subject to the german drugs act (BtMG, part III). Modafinil is for the first time specified as illegal doping medicine in the doping list 2004, but already in 2003 several applications become admit.

Still in the development, but with large danger potential of abusive application, are new medicines for the treatment of the Alzheimer illness in place of the preparations used so far for the increase of the acetylcholine mirror. It concerns on the one hand phosphodiesterase inhibitors (PDE-5-inhibitors), which prevents the dismantling of the signal molecule ACMcP, on the other hand so-called Ampakine, which increase sensitivity for Glutamate as memory-forming signal material. This already as "cognition enhancer" known medicines could not be used only against Alzheimer and age conditioned cognitive disturbances, but also abusively as "neuronal boosters" on a long-term basis, with unpredictable consequences.

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