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Since 2004 until now derivatives of piperazines are available on the European drug market as new designer drugs (Source: EMCDDA). The active components are partially freely available. Currently, in the UK these are not controlled drugs, but all piperazine derivates are classified as prescription-only medicines. Other european countries have banned or are going to ban some piperazines.

The effect is similar to that of ecstasy, but much weaker. The release of dopamine and norepinephrine is responsible for the stimulating effect.

The proof is done by chromatographically methods like HPLC/DAD or GC/MS. Immunologic tests (for a quick determination in urine) does not yet exist.


1-Benzylpiperazine, C11H16N2, M 176,26 g/mol
Scene designations: A2, Herbal Ecstasy


1-(3-Chlorophenyl)-piperazine, C10H13ClN2, M 196,68 g/mol


1-(3-Trifluoromethylphenyl)-piperazine, C11H13F3N2, M 230,23 g/mol
in Danmark illegal drug, low potential of misuse


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