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Since autumn 2008 the fumigant Spice (designed for interior rooms and as such legally sold) was abused with an upward trend as a cannabis-like drug.

The composition of Spice was unclear for a long time. What was known is that Spice includes exotic plants such as lotus, blue lotus, white water lily and other sets. The question of whether synthetic admixtures are included is now clarified.

In Spice, the synthetic drug JWK-018, used as a veterinary drug, has been tested. Furthermore, synthetic cannabinoids (CP 47497 and homologues) were found in Spice. For use with humans, there is as yet no evidence and no admission according to the Medicines Regulation. In some countries of the EU, the sale of Spice is already banned, resp. the active substances are controlled by drug legislation.

The effect of Spice by inhalation is described as similar to cannabis, however, the condition have been found quite unpleasant by some users. It can dull and sluggish, with still persisting effects the next day.

JWH-018 CP 47,497
JHW-018 CP 47,497 (Heptyl-homologue)

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