Drug Career
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Drug Carrer means the succession of the stages from the first drug consumption to psychological and physical dependence and the associated social drop out.

According H.Waldmann and W.Zander (1975) 4 consumer stages have to be differentiate:

  1. Drug motivation
    Potential consumers and experimenting young people, who are in role conflicts in puberty and by the consumption, usually of Cannabis, break off role conformity. Two thirds of these "experimenting persons " give up the consumption of drugs automatically due to negative experiences.
  2. Drug experience
    Community users or socially integrated consumers, frequently likewise consumers of cannabis or hallucinogens, who are still integrated in school or professional training and consume only casually illegal drugs.
  3. Drug connection
    Consumers of so-called "hard drugs", particularly of opiates, who suffer already by the dependence potential of these drugs under a loss of control and social drop out.
  4. Drug conditioning
    Physically dependent young people, particularly of opiates, in addition, multiple drug consumers, who are forced to the continuous drug consumption to avoidance of a withdrawal syndrome and who have developed a "secondary criminality" (e.g. pharmacy break-downs, theft, robbery etc.) for the supply of drugs.

Lit: Waldmann, H., Zander, W.: The therapy of drug dependence, Goettingen, 1975

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