Generic Drugs
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Generics (short form for generic drugs) are drugs, which are produced after the expiry of the patent protection for the active ingredient (up to 25 years) for the first manufacturer by other companies.

The bioavailability and efficacy of the generic product must be between 75% and 125% of brand name couterpart. Because the manufacturers of generics based on the experience of the brand manufacturer and the progress made within the patent time, generics could be more effective than the original. Fillers and ancillary components may be differ from the original.

Because the manufacturers of generics did not have the high costs for research and development, generic drugs are much cheaper than the original branded drugs, thus contribute to the cost containment in health care.

Generics are sold under the international name of the active substance (INN-Name) with addition of the name of the producer company, alternatively under its own new brand name.

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