Drug Death
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In particular with the so-called "hard drugs", which are intravenously injected, like opiates or cocaine, it can come to drug related deaths.

It is necessary to differentiate thereby between

  • accidents by accidentally overdosing, either due to different concentrations of "street heroin" or with back cases according to physical withdrawal, if the organism is no more accustomed to the earlier dose. In addition synergistic effects of different drugs come along with polytoxicomanic dependence (e.g. of alcohol and opiates), whereby interaction strengthens the effect of the individual drugs.
  • suicides by intentional overdosing, were frequently also a parting letter is found.
  • deaths under influence of acute intoxication condition, e.g. in traffic accidents or by falls from the height in the LSD intoxication.
  • illness-conditioned drug deaths, e.g. by AIDS (HIV infection), liver cirrhosis or hepatitis-infection.

With opiate users, particularly with heroin-dependency, above all the breath depression caused by overdosing leads to death, with cocaine addicted it comes by overdosage to heartbeat disturbances and / or heart failure or to breath depression. With drug deaths by intravenously injected cocaine also an allergic reaction (anaphylactic shock) is discussed as relevant cause of death.

German StatisticsGerman statistics

The number of the drug deaths in the Federal Republic rose in the year 2000 to the highest conditions since 1992, to 2028 cases. The highest death rate was in Nordrhein-Westfalen (506), Bayern (340) and Baden-Württemberg (286). Berlin is with a rise on 225 drug-related deaths cases on fourth rang. In Niedersachsen the number of the drug-related deaths amounted to 145 cases, in Hessen 136, in Hamburg 102, in Rheinland-Pfalz 88, Bremen 76, Schleswig-Holstein 71 and in the Saarland 19 cases. In the "New Lands" of the Federal Republic the number of the deaths was altogether 34 cases, of it 9 in Thüringen, 9 in Sachsen, 7 in Mecklemburg Vorpommern, 6 in Sachsen-Anhalt and 3 in Brandenburg.

The number of drug deaths sank in the year 2002 to 1513 cases, 2004 died 1385 persons due to drug consumption.

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