History of Drugs
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The nature drugs were already mentioned in the early history and were used in the medicine and religious rituals, in addition, for the production of intoxication and euphoria.

In the Asiatic and in the Southeast-European area poppy cultures existed already before 3000 to 4000 years. In antique reports on opiate as medicine against pain and diarrhea drugs are reported as well as benefit. Likewise Cannabis is already mentioned for the first time around 2700 ante Chr. of the Chinese emperor Sheng Nung as cure with different diseases. With the South American nature people's hallucinogen working mushrooms with the active substance psilocybin, funnel hoists such as Ololiuqui or Canteen such as Peyote with that likewise hallucinogen-working mescaline with shaman rituals begun.

In the Middle Ages in Europe above all the domestic nightshade drugs were used with magic rituals, such as mandrake, henbane, nightshade, datura, belladonna (deadly nightshade) and mad herb with the active substances atropine and scopolamine. Thus on witch processes it is reported that henbane was used by the "witches" as "flight ointment", in order to fly to the devil on the block mountain.

Between the 17. and 18. Century the cultivation of hemp both in Europe, and in North America of the governments was promoted and the consumption of Cannabis as drug was tolerated, while smoking Opium within the East Asian range starting from that 17. Century became a problem to the health and economy.

By the scientific progress of chemistry at the beginning of the 19. Century chemical active substances of most nature drugs could be analyzed. 1821 Tscheppe examined the chemical structure of the Cannabis, 1898 the Bayer Company in Germany manufactured heroin for the treatment of morphine-addicted, 1938 the lysergide LSD occurring in the ergot mushroom was synthesized by Albert Hofmann.

These in the 70's most illegal consumed drugs by young people were replaced toward the end of the 90's by the likewise synthetically manufactured designer drugs such as Ecstasy.

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