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Internationally Classification of Deseases, 10. Expenditure. The groups of F10 to F19 describes psychological disturbances and behavior disturbances by psychotrope substances, whereby the numbers characterizes the kind of the substance. Apart from the clinical-diagnostic guidelines and the research criteria the so-called ICD-10 Primary Health Care Classification (ICD-10 PHC) it gives a pragmatic short descriptions of psychological disturbances as well as resuming differential-diagnostic, therapeutic and prognostic references.

  • F10: Alcohol
  • F11: Opioids
  • F12: Cannabinoies
  • F13: Sedatives or Hypnotics
  • F14: Cocaine
  • F15: other stimulants, including coffein
  • F16: Hallucinogens
  • F17: Tobacco
  • F18: volatile solvents
  • F19: multiple substances use and consumption of other psychotropic substances

In the following number, separated by a point, the clinical appearance is coded:

  • .0: acute intoxication
  • .1: harmful use
  • .2: Dependence syndrome
  • .3: Withdrawal syndrome
  • .4: Withdrawal syndrome with Delir
  • .5: psychotic disturbance
  • .6: amnestic syndrome
  • .7: Remainder condition and retards arising psychotische disturbance
  • .8: other psychological and behavior disturbances
  • .9: psychological and behavior disturbance specified not in more detail
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