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1-Phenyl-2-methyl-aminopropane, (S)-(Methyl)(1-phenylpropan-2-yl)azane. Methamphetamine is a designer drug, which differs from the Amphetamine by methylation of the amino group. It was synthesized for the first time in 1887 and was used for many years as prescription only medicine in trade. Former trade names were Isophen and Pervitin. Medical use was stimulation and accelaration of the blood cycle. It was also used against hypertonia and in cases of alcohol or carbon monoxide poissoning, furthermore as a doping agent. Methamphetamine works central stimulating and increases the efficiency. Tiredness and sleep are reduced.

The addiction potential is very large, apart from fast develloping physical and psychological dependence it comes to abnormal psychological reactions, illusion conceptions and sudden incalculable readiness for violence crime. The abuse can lead to irreparable organic and psychological damages. For this reason the use as a therapeutic agent was finished. Since January 2007 methamphetamine is classified as a Class A drug.

As illegal drug Methamphetamine is also known under the designations Crystal, Crystal speed, Yaba ("Thai pill") and Ice. While Crystal is snieft or orally consumued (also Yaba in pill form), Ice (recrystallazied pure hydrochloride) is uptaken by inhalation of its smoke. This causes a more intensive "Kick" by stronger effects at the beginning, however the effect continues a shorter time. Also i.v.- injection is possible, but by the direct injection of the stretching agents as well as the infection risks makes it dangerous.

Epherine is usually used as raw material for illegal syntheses, which is therfore subject for monitoring by international law.

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