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Marihuana sheets (© Zoll Berlin) Also Marijuana, Scene terms: "grass", "Mary Jane", "pot" (from the Mexican "potague"=hemp) and shit. Deriving from the Arab "kif" (mixture from blooms and sheets of the female hemp plant) comes the Scene term "to kif" for smoking Marihuana.

According the WHO lexicon of alcohol and drug terms the term marijuana "is of Mexican origin, originally a term for cheap tobacco (occasionally mixed with cannabis). It has become a general term for cannabis leaves or cannabis in many countries."

Marihuana is a tobacco-like mixture from the dried leaves and blooms ("weed") of the female hemp plant, which is above all smoked ("kiffed"). The THC content can vary, p.e., it is smaller in "Acapulco gold" (marijuana from Mexico) than in "Kenya grass" or "Congo grass" (marijuana from Africa), which resembles the effect of hashish.

While marijuana in the USA is smoked often pure, in Europe it is usual to smoke a mixture of marijuana and tobacco, embedded in cigarettes paper (joint) or "skinned up" in special joint paper. It is also usual to smoke marihuana in water whistles, so-called bongs.

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