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Tramadol R,R/S,S)-2 (Dimethylaminomethyl)-1(3-methoxyphenyl)cyclohexanole, C16H25NO2, M=263,38 g/mol

Opioid analgesic with dependence potential against strong pain attacks, in particular post-operationally or with tumor pain. Maximum daily dose up to 400 mg, when overdosed danger of epilepsy. Half-live: 6 hours. Application as injection solution, caps, tabletsand suppositories with 50 or 100 mg active substance, retard tablets up to 200 mg. Commercial preparations: Tramal®, Tramadol ratiopharm®, Tramake® Zamadol®; as Retard tablets: Tramadura®, Tramadol ratiopharm® retard.

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