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Flupirtine Ethyl-2-amino-6-[(4-fluorobenzyl)amino]-3-piridinecarbamate
C15H17FN4O2, M 304,33 g/mol

Trade Marks: Katadolon®, Trancopal® Dolo (Capsules, Suppositories)

Non-opioid analgesic


Treatment of acute and chronic pain. Clinical studies showed a similar or slightly better tendency for pain reduction than opioid analgesics with lower side effects. In addition, Flupirtine has a muscel relaxant effect.


Not for use in cases of liver diseases or alcohol abuse. Flupirtin is suspected to cause liver damages.

Side effects

Fatigue, dizziness, increased liver enzymes, hepatitis


Therapeutic blood/plasma levels: 0,5 - 1,5 µg/ml.

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