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Guarana is isolated from Paullinia cupana, a climbing plant in the Sapindaceae family from the South American rain forests, at trees it clims up to 10 m, free standing up to 3 m height growing. Seeds and fruits are converted to a powder, which is added Energy drinks or sweets. For the increase in output Guarana is offered also in form of capsules or tablets.

Guarana is a legal drug with the active substance caffeine, which is bound, however, at tanning agents and is taken up therefore more slowly to the gastro-intestinal tract than with coffee or tea. It is comparatively better tolerated than coffee because of the missing irritants. Compared with coffee the content of caffeine is 2- to 3-fold higher. The psychological effect resembles from stimulants, i.e. it brightens up, rises the mood and increases the concentration and efficiency. However, in high dosage unrestness, nausea, swindle and sleeplessness are possible. Chronic consumption can lead to nervousness, fear conditions as well as to habituation. Physical damages are not so far well-known.

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