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Methadone (RS)-6-Dimethylamino-4,4-diphenylheptan-3-one, Levomethadone. C21H27NO, M=309.45

Analgesic, synthesized by Ehrhardt in Germany 1945 as first synthetic opioid with more strongly pain-satisfying effect than morphine. Methadone was already used into the USA and Great Britain at the beginning of the 70's for the treatment of heroin-dependent (suppression of the withdrawal symptomes). The admission takes place usually orally. In combination with alcohol the respiratory depression strengthened!

The daily dose for substitution therapy is with approx. 60-100 mg methadone, whereby the admission can take place both in tablet form with 5-10 mg, oral suspensions with 40 mg and injection solutions with 10, which can be taken up, mg/ml. The HT is about 15-55 hours. metabolism takes place mainly under ring closure to the 2-Ethyliden-1,5,-dimethyl-3,3,-diphenylpyrollidine (EDDP), which is separated together with unchanged methadone into the urine. Newer investigations at persons, who are substituted for a long time with methadone, show a significantly degraded oxygen content in the blood.

In the last years cases of deadly methadone overdosage increased. Also the number of combined intoxications including methadone rosed. The reason - in comparison to heroin consumption - is the missing kick, so many users consumed superelevated doses (from illegaly acquired methadone) or take it up together with heroin.

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