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Naloxone Free name for the opioid antagonist L-17-Allyl-4,α-epoxy-3,14-dihydroxy-6-morphinanone, C19H21NO4, M=327.37 g/mol

Naloxon is a µ-opioid receptor blocking agent, which suppresses the feeling of luck in the brain as reaction to the opioid consumption. Mono preparation: Narcan®.

In the emergency therapy, Naloxone is used in cases of opioid overdosing as i.v. given antidote by arising breath depressions. Naloxone is contained in analgesics in combination with the active substance Tilidine in tablet form to prevent an abusive by i.v. application of Tilidin,because by blocking of the opiod receptors by Naloxone the Tilidine effect is waived. With oral admission the Naloxone is deactivated in the liver buiiding glucuronide conjugates. By overdosage the danger of an acute withdrawal syndrome exists.

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