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Opipramol Opipramol, 4-[3-(5H-Dibenz[b,f]azepin-5-yl)-1-piperazinethanol, C23H29N3O, M=363.49 g/mol

Tricyclic Antidepressant)

Trade Marks: Insidon®, Opipramol-neuraxpharm®
Insidon is the most important anxiolytic primarily used in Germany.


Preferred used as tendency-lightening anxiolytic for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), whereby the effect occurs only after 1-2 weeks. At the beginning of the treatment the effect is rather sedating. Compared with other representatives of the tricyclic antidepressants the inhibition effect on the Serotonine and Dopamine receptors is only small. However, Opipramol has a high affinity to sigma receptors.


Do not use in case of alcohol intoxication, diseased enlargement of the prostata or glaucom.


Do not use together with MAO Inhibitors

Adverse Effects

In particular at the beginning of the therapy reduced reactivity.


The determination of Opipramol blood level can take place after extraction by means of HPLC/DAD. Therapeutic levels 0.1-0.5 µg/ml.

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